What is Maxxwell Creative & What do we do?

Over the years it has been difficult to concisely say what we do because of our passion for so many mediums, We have gotten really good at wearing many different hats. We have an incredibly broad skillset that spans many different disciplines. The best way to describe what we do as Artistic/Technical Direction and Content Creation.    


Design is what we do. Our professional design team creates stunning designs that are both beautiful and effective.


Communication is our end-game. Good design needs to be accompanied by a plan to use it to tell a powerful story.


Creativity married with a comprehensive plan.

We want to help you discover your creative side and the work together to plan out the milestones that will make concepts become reality.  


Advice on the tech, software and systems you need for tomorrow.

Not only do we do creative work, we also provide technical consultation services on software and programs that make your business more effective and efficient. From custom built applications and web apps, to GSuite, Accounting Software, Cloud Storage and CRM solutions, we can help you select the right solutions and implement them. 


Cut through the clutter with beautiful and effective print media. 

Print design is our passion. Print media is more than just graphic design. The materials and print methods used can evoke as much emotion and feeling as the actual image they present. We can take care of all your design and printing needs. Everything from postcards to 20 foot tall backdrops. We have the skills, connections and relationships to get the job done. 

digital Media

Leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of digital media.

Did you know that In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones? How we communicate is changing rapidly. It is paramount that we understand the nuances of each and every digital platform and how to leverage their unique characteristics while maintaining a consistent message across the board. We know how to tell your story in a way that is true to the individual platforms you use, but keeps the big picture in frame. 

Our Expertise


We work with our clients to create powerful brands. We develop robust visual systems, brand guidelines and aesthetics that result in brand consistency that makes a big impression.

Graphic Design

Cut through the clutter with beautiful and effective graphic design. Our team of experienced designers is proficient in graphic design for both your digital and/or print projects.

Video Production

We offer complete video production in house. Pre-production, capture, edit, we have the gear and experience.

Web & Social

We offer a wide range of web design solutions including design, development, eCommerce and web applications. 

SEO & Advertising

We help our clients choose the right platforms and develop powerful organic and paid online marketing strategies that convert.

Consulting & Artistic Direction

Don’t even know where to begin? Not a problem. We offer complete creative services that include consulting, artistic direction, strategic planning and project management.

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